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Started by pwkutter, September 07, 2015, 09:33:48 AM

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What is the status of the new Archi Roadmap? On the webpage it tells, a new version will be posted soon.

I have seen a plan was there to program against the Graphiti runtime. Is this already implemented?

Is the upcomming GEF4 based GMF Runtime considered too?

A lot of money was flowing in to GMF technologies the last 5 years basically unrecognized by the community. As a result the generated code was changed. Probably the original evaluation of the technology should be redone?

In any case, the decision for a new runtime should be based as well on the GEF4 roadmap of the runtime.

Regards, Philipp

Phil Beauvoir

That roadmap is invalid now. Any further developments on Archi require a lot of work, which is a lot of (unpaid) time. The question is, who will do this? One person? Without more development resources, then no more development.
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Hi, Phil.
Thanks for your answer, which I have only seen now. Please CC at our for new messages.

For "who" I propose a team that works on a low cost basis, and has very long experience in Eclipse based Diagram Editor development, and I would have an idea who exactly. Of course your leadership would be welcome.

Of course the first question is where the sponsorship comes from. This is hard to answer, as in companies as the one I just joined, the understanding of value of modeling is reduced.

One way for funding I could help is by integrating Archi into the Papyrus Ecosystem. There, a industry consortium is built, where the sponsorship is widened, from Ericsson only to more companies. And I know that companies like Ericsson want to use the tool as well for more business oriented usages, but as you can imagine the way is long to go. At least, your work would be part of a larger community, where sponsorship money flows.

Archimate is currently no in their focus, but of course it is needed to progress.

One option could as well be to focus on Business Architecture topics, such as Capability models and value chains. There the collaboration between open group and OMG seems to work well. I started to work with the Guild, who is interested.

Regards, Philipp