View created artifacts via portal/website with seamless update

Started by Dolan1124, October 20, 2023, 09:13:03 AM

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Hi everyone,

I already posted this in the jArchi forum, but would like to check if it's possible with the CoArchi -
Does CoArchi have this feature where after you make the changes in CoArchi - It should reflect the updated view artifacts via the website/portal? Is there a step-by-step guide process that I can start working on this?

Appreciate your guidance!

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is a coArchi question, not a jArchi one.

This is quite easy: because coARchi uses Git, you can setup a CI/CD-like pipeline which is triggered each time a new commit is pushed to the server. This pipeline should then run Archi in CLI mode to generate and publish the updated website.

This has been discussed some time ago with some examples. See

Another option (if you don't want "realtime" updates) is to simply install Archi on a server and schedule a hourly or daily batch to generate and publish the website.


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I can confirm it works seamlessly with a CI/CD pipeline, there are a few pre-built archimate docker image with CLI command integration to achieve it.

You can start from here : archi-docker or archimate-ci-image.

Ine remainging issue is that these container images are not always up to date with fast pace Archi releases ;)
For example : I didn't find a 5.2.0 image since last month release..
So i ended up building one myself, here : archimate-ci-image (5.2.0)