Translate an ArchiMate model in various languages

Started by chdessus, November 08, 2023, 10:32:08 AM

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Jean-Baptiste gave us the methodology to translate a model in various languages:
- Add a property at the model level, Language. Set the language to any language code. Example FR for Franch or EN for English
- Then you can translate any object : concept or relationship. Just add some language properties + translation.
Example : EN (property name) and set property value to Purchase Order. FR (property name) and set property value to "Commande d'achat"
The translation will use the label. For each object, set the labels to ${property:$model{property:Language}}
We have added the object type. So the label is set to :
Doing that manually for a complete model is boring. So we developped a short script to facilitate implementation.
Here attached, an example (archimate model) + script.

By the way, we still have some difficulties to translate folders. We have tried the same methodology but we couldn't translate it.
Could be an Archimate version issue as we are still in 4.9.3.

We would apreciate your help.