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Started by romuald, December 01, 2023, 08:38:52 AM

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What is the size of your model (nb elements, relations...)
What is a "big" model?

M model :
1068 elements
2829 relationships


For the moment, I have :
| Concepts count:            4185
| | Elements count:            1110
| | Relationships count:    3075
| Folders count:              182
| Views count:                  199

We are thinking to add Infrastructure in the model.
Is there a limitation to the size og the model?

Phil Beauvoir

> Is there a limitation to the size of the model?

The main limitation will be how much available computer memory is allocated to Archi and Java runtime. I've tested with models that use several hundred MBs of memory.
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I had models with > 25k concepts and relationships.  The only scalability problem I had was the antivirus when using coArchi plugin (two many small files which were scanned by Trellix before publishing model to git). When using the same model on my home PC without trellix it works like a charm.



Quote from: jsimoncello on January 22, 2024, 10:59:43 AMThe only scalability problem I had was the antivirus

I can attest to this as well with Uploading the HTML report anywhere, specially SharePoint, takes a long time because of the numerous files. 



Our model contains the following :
   - Concepts      : 12479
   - Relationships : 5879
   - Folders       : 631
   - Views         : 170

We don't see any perf. issue with Archi std features : browsing, searching and modeling is very reactive.

But the coArchi plugin struggle a bit with the 'Looking for changes..' process (Grafico and the need to export every single element to a file.. ?) :  it take ~30 sec each time we need to Commit.