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Started by Lieven, December 24, 2023, 07:49:40 AM

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After some experiments and playing around, it would be handy to have some multiline properties to store different type of documentation in.  You can display these with the note object in combination with the label feature "$connection:target{property:" ...

Basically we need that the new line character is recognised in these field. After some research I found [Feature Request] Allow multiline properties #277, and I was wondering what the status is on this one ?

Is there a need for this feature in the community and/or what are the plans around this ?

Br, Lieven.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, the feature request link is, so if there's any change I'll update with a comment there. It might be something I'll look at the next time I work on user properties,  as it would require some changes to the UI as well as impacting other features such as reports and the exchange format.
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