jArchi Plug-In Installation Error

Started by Gemini, January 03, 2024, 19:19:21 PM

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I use Archi Version 5.1.0 in my corporate laptop. However, when I try to install jArchi plug-in, it displays an error message box stating "jArchi_1.5.0.archiplugin - is not an Archi plug-in.". Could you help me fix this issue?

Note: Please don't offer me to update Archi, as it is not possible update in my corporate laptop. :)

Phil Beauvoir


sounds like the "jArchi_1.5.0.archiplugin" file is not integral. Please download it again and try again.

If that fails you can determine if the file is OK by renaming the file to "jArchi_1.5.0.zip" and seeing if you can read the contents. An ".archiplugin" file is actually a zip file with an "archiplugin" extension.
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