Filtering a model according to properties values

Started by Tibo12, January 11, 2024, 10:14:00 AM

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I am currently a student/apprentice and I have an Archi project about the model of the company I am working in.
I have been asked to filter views according to properties values.
So, I wrote the values on several objects.
Then, is it possible to filter the view, with a jArchi script, to show only the objects with the values requested ?
Sorry, I only found information about the properties filters on the tree.
Thank you for your help.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, dynamically filtering objects in Views by some given criteria is not possible (except for the built-in ArchiMate Viewpoints). You could write a jArchi script to remove or add objects from a View, or create a new View with the required objects. Not exactly what you want, but that's all I can think of to do this.

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Hi Phil,
thank you for your quick answer.
I will think about a script which removes objects from a view.