jArchi beta released for Archi friends

Started by Phil Beauvoir, July 02, 2018, 12:07:43 PM

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Phil Beauvoir

jArchi, the scripting plug-in for Archi is available for beta testing!

Please read this - https://blog.archimatetool.com/2018/07/02/jarchi/

Please note this part:

Quote...we are releasing the beta version of jArchi at first to our friends at Patreon and to our friends who have kindly donated to Archi previously via PayPal or in other ways. After a beta testing period we will be asking other users for a relatively small donation in order to download jArchi. If you have already donated (via Patreon or PayPal or in another way) we will be making the download available to you today. Patreon members will be provided with a download link, while our non-Patreon friends (Paypal donators, patch/pull-request submitters and Archi plug-in developers) will need to contact us for the download (we are working on providing a more convenient distribution platform post-beta).

That means if you are an Archi patron, you'll find the download at https://www.patreon.com/architool. If you've donated to Archi already by some other means (Paypal) and you'd like a copy of the jArchi beta please contact me at info@archimatetool.com for the download.


If you value and use Archi, please consider making a donation!
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Looks very promising ...

Well done guys  ;D