database plugin: sync issues

Started by WernerH, January 27, 2024, 19:52:06 PM

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I am working with an Archi-model with coArchi for collaboration and scheduled exports of html (for intranet) and csv (for mysql) using on an Azure server. 

I am also using the database plugin by @HervĂ© for export to a MySQL database on Azure, but only from MY Archi-client, without data changes (only read to insert into own datamarts for analysis and quality checks). However repeatedly the sync comparison detects changes from the database side (which causes a sync on exporting). Even worse, after some more exports the Archi-model gets corrupted and I need to restore an earlier version from Git and truncate nearly all Mysql tables.   
2024-01-15 23_30_41-Database import_export plugin v4.9.7 - Export model.jpg
Although I can see which data/view is affected, I have no clue on the cause. But I am more interested in
(1) what could cause changes from database side in general (given the fact that my database serves as slave)
(2) An option "export only", so no sync, differences between Archi-model and database will only update the database.

Anyone who can help me?
Regards, Werner

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, as mentioned here I would suggest opening an issue at the plug-in's issue tracker -
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