How to handle view lifecycle

Started by nickbrown1968, June 05, 2024, 11:19:16 AM

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How do you recommend managing view lifecycle/versions? I'm currently working on a project that is developing in an agile-ish manner. I captured the system architecture early on in a couple of views. Subsequently the project has tweaked the design so I need to reflect those changes. I could just update the existing views, but then I'd lose the historical design record. I could create a versioning system and keep all versions. Any recommendations?


Use branches and versioning included with the collaboration plugin ?


Do you want to keep trace of version of a view?

Maybe you can do this by using a folder and duplicating the view in the folder and of course renaming it with a new version.
If you wan to keep constistancy of old views, you are unable to delete anything in the model.