Error opening model: Unresolved Releations

Started by MatthiasH, November 04, 2015, 10:49:50 AM

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I've got a problem with an archi-model. When I start archi I get an error message:

Error opening model
....model is incompatible

Unresolved reference 'Name '
(file....modelname.archimate, 321,142)

After I imported the elements und relations-File for 'Name', everything is ok. After I build a view with "name" the problem is there

I can not see what the  problem is. In my opinion all references are available. Can somebody tell me, what to do? What is teh meaning of the two numbers 321,124? If possible I can show you the elements- und relations-File

Thank you for answers.

Phil Beauvoir

Are you using an older version of Archi with a model created in a newer version?

Or maybe it's an older model?

(Numbers are line number, character position in file where the error is)
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No, it's not an older modell. I'm usin Archi 3.3.0
I create a model and import a few elements and relation files. After the import, everything is ok. I save the model, close archi and when I open it, everything is ok. When I create a view for the Objekt "Name" I see, what I expected. All appications an relations shown exactly as i imported them. But, when I save the model, close archi an open it again, I get the error message. I don't know why.

There are no errors after i validate the model, only warnings


here is the <model>.Archimate.
Name = Dispotiver.

see row 321, column 142

Phil Beauvoir

When you say, "import a few elements and relation files" then the problem will occur at this stage. Without knowing what you are importing it is hard to say.
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The problem is that you have created relationships with an embedded space in the id value. If you replace the ids named "Dispositiver Da1", "Dispositiver Da2", etc. with "Dispositiver-Da1", "Dispositiver-Da2", etc. the model will load properly.

Although it is relatively easy to use the "import" function to populate models you have to be careful when assigning values to the "id" column.



Hey Phil,

thank you for your attention. I've found the problem an try to explain what happend:

I took the <modelname>.archimate file and opened it with an editor. The numbers in the error message are coordinates for rows and columns in this xml-file. There I identified that the problems must be the relations-IDs I imported.

There is a database, where I get informations about applications and their relations. With an excel-makro i built the files for elements and releations to import it to archi.
So when I built (exactly the makro built it) the releation-file I give an ID for the releation named like the applicationname plus a number to separate the releations. In this case, the name was about 16 character long, and that was the problem archi had.

First I deleted all the releations for the application. Then I took the import file for the releations of the application an reduce the ID (the applicationname plus number) to 8 characters. After importing the new datas everthing is fine. I can open the model without any problems.

So if I could wish me an new feature for archi, than I wish, that there is a syntax-check for this problem. If a userdefined ID for an imported releation is to long, please give a message to the user "Hey, your relation-ID is to long for archi" after the import or when I validate the model ;D.

Best wishes from


Thank your prgee for your answer. So I found a solution for the problem, but not the reason for the problem as you do.

Thank you for your information!!!