How to create Business_Capability equivalent to another one?

Started by Xiaoqi, June 28, 2024, 09:59:36 AM

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I met one usage scenario when dealing with Business Capability model in Archi.

For example, we have "Contract Management" as a capability already, which it's applying to the normal contract or agreement management.

Now, when we move into Insurance solution, we may have "Policy Management" which is also talking about "contract management" context, but more common used in Insurance industry.

How we can link "Policy Management" (as capability) to the existing "Contract Management", since they're talking same meaning but in different specific context.

One idea is to treat one as another's Alias, but not sure how I can deal with this in Archi now. I'm thinking create "Policy Management" as child of "Contract Management", but that will be mixed with other real child capabilities and they're misleading.



I'd be tempted to suggest that tge "Policy Management" is a "Specialization" of "Contract Management"


Good suggestion, I will apply this into the model, thanks