know how to work with "ArchiMate" with multiple users simultaneously?

Started by themperor, December 10, 2015, 22:40:24 PM

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Anyone know how to work with "ArchiMate" with multiple users simultaneously?
We need to work collaboratively;
many people need to work while
Please someone knows a way to do ?, there is a plug-in or patch that meets this goal?
Thank you very much for your reply

Phil Beauvoir


collaborative working with Archi is not available in the current version of Archi.

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Even if this is not a "multi-user" solution, we're currently using the GRAFICO plugin with a GIT repository.

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Is there any plans to enable multi-user/repository support any time soon?


Hi Vitaly,

Since last year, I developped a database plugin that allow to store the models in a central repository (database) which can be accessed by several people. In the database, the models versionned and each version has got its own owner and release note.

In my roadmap, I plan to support relationships between elements from distincts models and to allow to include elements or views from a model into another one (this will be acheived by importing Archi model as folders into a container model).

Nevertheless, this is not yet in place and therefore cannot be called a "collaborative" solution. But this may be a first step to what you wish to achieve ...

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At work we are using archi with two users but it takes some work organization and XML hacking.

I break down business architecture into Application Services, high level application functions and define how applications are assigned to the application functions. This I store in a model.

My fellow architect are breaking down this into a solution architecture. He adds several layers of details into the application function view. He also breaks down the application into modules that is assigned to the detailed application functions.

We do as follows:
I create a diagram where I model the business, break it down into application services, application functions and applications.

My fellow have another diagram. In this diagram he have manually using TetPad copied my diagram as a whole before the usual folder structure. The only thing removed is the XML document tag that is replaced by a folder tag. Looking into the XML you find this quite easy.

He will then have my entire stuff in a folder above the Business folder. He can use my objects and relate to them in his drawings. We have this week reviewed the first model since long at my working place where there is a thread from Business to application solution architecture. And it works perfect.

But there are some things to get it working;
* You need to be able to operate the XML-file and get it right. Using GIT and commit often you will have a fall back if something breaks.
* You need to arrange the work so one model is based on another entirely.

Way forward is to build an application that can automate inclusion of a model into another. It can be made based on attributes set on the model so I think it is quite simple unless there are some exceptional cases that one need to consider. It shall even be possible to work this two ways if made correctly. Design is ongoing in my mind but given the usual need of attention from general life it might take some time to get there :)