Subflow in Archimate3.3.1

Started by singhsiddh, January 24, 2016, 16:46:35 PM

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I am new in Archimate but has use other Modeling tool.
I am not getting any option to create subflow ,Please help me

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, Archi is not a general modelling tool. It is specifically for ArchiMate, the language. ArchiMate does not incorporate "subflow".
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Hi Phil,
As per enclosed Youtube URL
We can use subflow but I am not getting the options mentioned in video

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, the video you link to is for Sparx Systems' tool, "Enterprise Architect", not Archi. That is a different software product.
If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation. :-)



I'm quite familiar with Sparx and have used its "subflow" feature to, for example, embed a UML or BPMN diagram within a high-level EA diagram. Since Archi, as Phil explained, supports only ArchiMate models you would not expect to be able to link to other modeling notations.

That said, Archi does have the ability to link diagrams to provide navigation between views. I have attached a sample based on the ArchiSurance example that shows a  "view link" added to a business process element. Clicking this link will open another diagram which exposes the internal details of the business process.