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Started by ken.garvey, February 01, 2016, 12:49:29 PM

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I'm comfortable with my Archimate modelling (happy to take suggestions for improvement) but Jasper is a mystery to me.  I do find the ability to issue reports from my models very useful and so far my method for doing so is;

  • Create new Model in Archi
  • Copy/Paste the view I want in the report into a view in the new model
  • Generate Word report using Jasper
  • Add text in sections like Purpose
  • Copy/Paste into Word document in my own format and Save as

I _know_ that's hideously inefficient but it has the merit of being quick and working.  What I'd like is to add a Note box into an Archi view and have the text within that printed under the diagram rather than have the Note included within the diagram.

So, 2 questions, in my order of preference for answers >
1) easy way to get descriptive text into a generated report?
2) idiots guide to using Jasper?

Phil Beauvoir


our resident reports Jasper expert, Jean-Baptiste is around here somewhere...

As for an idiot's guide to Jasper, even though I wrote the Jasper code some time ago for Archi, I confess that I don't really understand Jasper that well. Your requirement probably involves creating your own jrxml files.

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I'm not sure to fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but here are some comments:

In point #4 you add comments in sections like purposes... Why not do it inside the model so that it is exported right from the begining. The Documentation section of the Properties panel if made for this.

In point #2 you copy/paste some views to a new report. I guess what you want here is to create a report based on a subset of your model. FYI, this is already possible through the Customizable report with tag support. This report template will be included in next Archi release but has already been published on the forum. This allows you to add tags to views. For this you add (multiple if needed) properties named Report:View:Tag to views. You can then run the report and append #tagname to the report title. It will then be used as a view filter. Typical usecases are generation of project/solution design documents (using project code as tag value) and generation of application oriented design document (using application name or code as tag value).


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