Help need: outline and palette not available

Started by Luuk, February 29, 2016, 16:58:38 PM

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Hi all, I need your help

I made a business function model today in Archi. However, for some reason beyond me, the outline in no available anymore. Neither is the palette.

In the 'model' screen however, I can still see all the business functions I have defined.

Does anyone have experience with this? and how to resolve it?

hope this question has not been answered in another topic. I search for it, but could not find it.

Much obliged for your help,

Kind regards,


Phil Beauvoir


do you have a diagram view open? Select one in the models tree and double-click it to open it for editing/viewing. You won't see the pallette unless you do. The outline view can be opened from the main menu.
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Hi Phil, thank for the quick reply.

I'm think I have the diagram open, I reset the window layout to default.

I attached a screenshot, hope that is helpful

Thanks again!



Wait, I found it!

I needed to double-click on 'default view'

Thanks for your help! my question is answered now