Need help with .archicanvas

Started by BenoitTessier, March 04, 2016, 13:06:43 PM

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Hi everyone,

I am fairly new with Archi and I need to create a template and save it as an .archicanvas file.

Can anyone help me figure out how can I do that please?

Thank you


Hey Ben,

Just noticed your post - here is what you need to do to create or modify a canvas template:

- right-click on the "views" folder and select "new blank canvas" or "new canvas from template"
- enter the name of the template
- drag blocks, images, etc. to the canvas or delete anything you don't want
- note that you will have to unlock any locked items before modification or deletion
- lock any items that you don't want changed when the template is used
- add "hints" for any canvas items which require an explanation
- when done, right click the new template and select "save canvas as template"
- select the folder where the template is to be saved (use a shared drive if you want others to be able to access it)
- enter the file-name for the template (it's good practice to name the file the same as the template)
- enter the default canvas name and a description
- select "Include Thumbnail"
- click the "Finish" button

Note that this will skip the page that asks if want to add the canvas to your library. It's easier to share templates if you simply save them in a common location and people use the "open" option to find them instead of "installing" them locally. BTW, this process is documented in the Arch help files as well. Good Luck!!