Error when using Jasper Report Studio

Started by bdendulk, March 22, 2016, 17:28:51 PM

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I'm trying to understand how the reports for use within Archi are made from within Jasper Report Studio. When I try to preview the report template from Bart Ratgers, I get an error when looking at the preview. The [Java.lang.ClassNotFountException] error points towards com.archimatetool.model.IArchimateModel which cannot be found. Please advise.

Kind regards,

Bart den Dulk

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Archi's reports use a specific kind of dataprovider which is in fact a JAVA class (you can google JRDataSource). This means that you can't test it outside Archi.

My typical workflow is to have both Archi and iReport opened at the same time, and I run report on Archi after each change. Not perfect but quite simple.



PS: I know I really have to document report related things as this is too much try and erro asof now for people not used to it.
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