Sharing elements across models

Started by mlange1970, March 30, 2016, 22:43:07 PM

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We're trying to model a large number of apps where there are shared pieces across them.  Right now we're roughly doing one model per app.  The problem is that we're duplicating the elements that make up those shared pieces across models today.

If we did this as a single monolith model it would be much too large.

Is there anyway to share elements across a model?  If not, are there any tricks others are using to address this?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Well, ArchiMate has been designed to create model of your enterprise (thus its organization, processes, applications...) so the answer to you question IMHO is to merge all these small models into a gobal one.

Asof today you can't share elements acress models, so one big model is also the simplier solution. Of course this need some team coordination if multiple persons have to work on it. You may be interrested by the Grafico plugin and some of its (documented) use-cases.


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Thanks much. 

You hit on another piece of the puzzle that I should have mentioned because it's equally important.  We've got a number of folks that may be doing modeling at any point in time so collaboration is important.

I'll given the Grafico plugin a whirl and see if it will do the trick.