Can't make a relationship between business object and process

Started by architekt, April 11, 2016, 12:03:43 PM

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Hello fellow archi members!

I am new to Archi and ArchiMate so I'm following some tutorials about ArchiMate.
I stumbled upon the following relationship : 7.1.6

I can't seem to make the relationship between the invoice (business object) and the send invoice (business process) I can do it from a business process to a business object, but not the other way, like on the above image..

My own result:

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


i suspect you are trying to create an access from the business object to the process which is not correct: in ArchiMate the access relationship always targets the business/data object and does not depends on its type (read/write). By default an access is a "read" one (arrow pointing to the object) but you can change its type after creation (and this will change the arrow accordingly) through the properties panel.


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Hello Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie,

Thank you for answering my question so fast!
I managed to change the Access Type and now it works.

Once again thank you

Kind regards,