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Started by Dude_Jac, April 25, 2016, 11:41:51 AM

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Hi All,

I looked into the forum already, but could not find it. I made several models and searching works great, except for comments i've put in note elements. And there are a lot of comments I would like to search, so I could find the object related to those comments.

Question is: Am I overlooking something, or is it simply not possible to do a Find/Replace in Archi for Note Elements ?
Question 2: If not, how to make a feature request ?

Looking forward to replies  :)

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, as you found out find/replace/search only works on the ArchiMate elements and relationships, not the notes. Sorry about that. You could add a feature request at GitHub if you like - - but I'm not sure if/when it might be added.
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