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Started by architekt, May 06, 2016, 11:27:36 AM

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Is it possible to password protect / lock a file so it can't be changed or viewed?
I couldn't find anything on the forum or internet about this subject.

Any idea's about this?


Phil Beauvoir

Hi, this is not possible from within Archi. Is there an example of this functionality in another tool?

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You (or your system admin) can use normal operating system file protection on your *.archimate files for this. For example, if you give a group of users read-only access then Archi will allow them to open the file and make changes. However, if they tried to save it an error message will be displayed. They would have to save it to a new filename if they wanted to preserve their changes. Or you may not even want them to have read access. This strategy ties access privilege to certain users. I'm not sure about password-protection.