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Is it possible to select and replace elements?
Would be great if you can select a number of elements to have them replaced by another, e.g. select "application interface" to replace by "application collaboration"

Thanks for the replies & help!


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie:

No, this is not possible for the moment. You can create a GitHub issue to track this idea if you want (but don't expect it to be done anytime soon, unless it is really important for you and you have some budget ;-)



Phil Beauvoir:
As JB said it's a good idea (and one that's been asked before) but not happening any time soon. There are several reasons for this:

We're currently seeking funding/investment to move Archi forward. We're still working things out with potential partners. We also need to plan for any future version of ArchiMate and build that in as well. Because of this we're in a temporary hiatus with any significant changes to Archi (except for big fixes and maintenance releases). Once we're in a better position regarding funding and development resources this is exactly the kind of feature that we'll be considering for inclusion. Stay tuned!


Hi Phil,

Any news on future updates, including this topic?



Phil Beauvoir:
Archi 4 is being worked on. Replacement of elements is trickier as it involves deciding on what existing relations if any will not be legal.


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