Another idea to tackle some reporting issues in Archi

Started by Bart Ratgers, September 09, 2014, 07:02:08 AM

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Bart Ratgers

Please I would share you another thought or idea to tackle some Reporting issues. What do you think of create another tree in the root of the repository with a name Reports. In that tree you can add a new report 'views'. In  that view you can collect several view on the same way you can add a view in a view. In the reporting module you can change the order of displaying views in the final report by adding some kind of flows. You have also the opportunity to create a hierarchically order list, like chapters and paragraph.

On reporting 'view' level you can add an option to add numbers to chapters and paragraph, and also select a report template or a report layout.
On a specific view level you can add properties like hide a specific concept type or specify the way a view must represent itself in a report.

The big advances are:

  • A clear separation between modeling and reporting
  • The possibility and flexibility to change order in a report
  • A clean solution to manage more report