Improvements to the open group exchange file

Started by Guido Janssen, June 11, 2016, 08:29:26 AM

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Guido Janssen

I'm currently taking the open group exchange file and taking it as basis for reporting. The result will have the basis of the html export but using svg for the pictures using xsl.
The current export seems to miss few things that actually are in the archi tool.
- properties of views are not exported
- the viewpoint attribute of the view is not exported
- views in views are not exported. But this doesn't seem to be support by the format. I have addresses this with the open group
- it would be great to have an custom ordering mechanism in order to all report in a certain order.
- it would be great to have some more style possibilities such as bold italic numbered lists and headings which could be transformed into html.

If anyone is interested in the work I have done on the xsl reporting based on the exchange format please let me know.


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Guido,

thanks for feedback!

I did a quick test by exporting a simple model:

- Properties of Views are exported
- Viewpoint name is exported

    <view identifier="id-86ce6827" viewpoint="Information Structure">
      <label xml:lang="en">Default View</label>
        <property identifierref="propid-1">
          <value xml:lang="en">Hello World/value>

The other suggestions you have I will pass on to TOG.


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Guido Janssen

Hi Phil,

You are right. I accidently assigned the properties to the folder not the view. I wanted to use the properties to generate a matrix in the report that would shows relationships between elements in two folders.

I overlooked the viewpoint because we the default 'total' viewpoint is assigned to viewpoint attribute is exported.


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Guido,

good to hear.

Views in views is up for discussion. At the moment TOG and the Open Exchange Format members (and me) are focussed on ArchiMate 3. We'll certainly raise the issue.

Please let us know more about your reporting work!

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