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Started by Pascal Dussart, July 11, 2016, 12:21:39 PM

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Pascal Dussart

(Sorry if this has been discussed before. I went through the subjects of older posts but did not see anything related to my question)

If we're supposed to document the entire entarch in one model (practically speaking: incrementally and iteratively), as discribed in  , are there any best practices and bad experiences with setting some rules on how to structure the model? 

I'm thinking subfolders that mimic namespaces. On the other hand : it seems Archi will allow for two elements with the same name and type on the same view, but it will be hard for a person looking at the view to notice the actual distinction. Also, you can only put subfolders below the fixed folders named after the layers (right?).  So grouping all elements that have something to do with Invoicing (e.g.) - regardless of the layers  - is not possible, as it seems.

Prefixing all element-names with namespaces would work but then the views become difficult to read. The Archimetal example uses folders to group views, but it doesn't help me organize elements

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Pascal,

sorry for the late reply. Does anyone have any advice on best practices for structuring your model?


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Pascal Dussart

No worries, Phil. Thanks for the tweet, btw.  This time of the year the all of us are either on vacation, or very busy finishing work before going on holiday.

I'll post my own experiences in a few weeks and ask feedback on that.