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Started by, June 20, 2016, 15:44:35 PM

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When trying to use the HTML report from Archi (Not Jasper HTML-report) I have some difficulties  :-[
Maybe Im thinking wrong but when opening the HTML model.htm the left lower window says "Select an element in the model tree or in the view to show its details here"

But I don't have any clickable objects in my view, I can only select element true the Model tree.

Is there a missing config or is this function not implemented yet?

PS) Anyone  know how to get the HTML report to function as basic web-page for IE 11?? I needs to use Chrome today by Chrome is not normally allowed in my company  :-\

Phil Beauvoir

I think it is referring to the list of elements below the diagram on the "Elements" tab.

Is it not working on IE 11?
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Could be that some script is not allowed in my company IE11, Im local admin but some GPO (Global Policy Object) in Windows is silent, so its hard to debug or trace..
But Edge & Chrome is working anyway :)

About clickable object in any view, is there any hints where to look for a fix, or is it deep in Archi code ?
Or is it maybe simpler to use Open Archimate XML output and start there with XLT or similar?

PS) about founding for Archimate 3.0 implementation for Archi, any estimate? in man month work.
I rekon that if several Government payed a uppgrade fee i.e 1000€  then how many shuld you need??
The EU is using Archi in EIRA and that should sponsor you, but those projects are govern by politicians ;(

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


If you look at some other posts about HTML report you'll find some information about it, and mainy the fact that it is based on stringtemplate. This means that you can (easily?) extend current template to do whatever you want. It should be possible to extend it to add some anchors and position them other the image, or create some kind of image map.

You're welcome if you want to contribute on this ;-)


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