Archi presentation in Paris on October 25

Started by Andrew Josey, September 15, 2016, 12:22:01 PM

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Andrew Josey

Phil Beauvoir and Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie will be presenting in the ArchiMate track at The Open Group event in Paris on October 25th . The topic of the session is "ArchiMate® 3.0, Archi 4, and Open Source - Open Standards in Action". For details of the event see .

An extract from the presentation summary:

In this presentation we show that Archi has been an important enabler of ArchiMate globally, why it's important to continue to develop and support the tool, and the challenges faced in implementing ArchiMate 3.0. We also discuss the importance of open source and open implementations for an open standard. We will provide a review of progress and new features in the next version of Archi, and progress on its implementation of The Open Group's ArchiMate exchange format.

Furthermore, we will provide an example of how Open Source developments based on Archi within Arismore have made a DevOps approach to Architecture work possible and allowed the company to rethink their EA practice.

Key takeaways:

  • ArchiMate 3.0 represents an important evolution in the language.
  • Archi continues to provide an open and accessible implementation of ArchiMate lowering the barrier to entry.
  • The latest version of Archi and its associated initiatives represent new developments that benefit all stakeholders and continue to promote and support ArchiMate and Enterprise Architecture.
Andrew Josey