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Started by DougEllisen, July 19, 2018, 19:04:25 PM

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Hi, I am using Archi 4.2 and trying to import the properties file of the elements file.  Yes, I know the file naming convention has to be "...elements.csv" and importing the elements file works just fine, in the proper default format.  However, anytime I try to load the properties file contents, I get "File should contain element information."   If I change the properties contents file to be named "...elements.csv" I get "Incorrect record size."  Either way, it looks as if the Import CSV functionality only imports elements (element formatted data), and nothing else.  Is this correct?

Archi 4.2 import csv only imports one file at a time, so I cannot load all three csv files at once. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Beauvoir

Doug, these files work as a triple set. You can't just import properties on their own. You import an "elements.csv" file and Archi also looks for a relationships.csv and a properties.csv file to go with that.
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Thank you Phil.  You have cleared the fog of war.  My working hypothesis was the import only looked at the single ...elements.csv file at a time, and not looking for and loading the other two files in the background at the same time.  All is good. I appreciate your help. -D