Open Exchange Export trouble

Started by steen.jensen, October 12, 2016, 22:27:19 PM

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My Archi model have some errors i belive  :-[
When trying to export i got error "Error exporting Can not set a null value for an attribute"

How can I locate the problem?? Is there a log-file or other means to trouble shoot??
I checked the archimate xml file with Notepad ++ but i didnt see any strange things... but my brain is not so good in parsing xml

Phil Beauvoir


The Error Log can be accessed in Archi by selecting the "About Archi" menu item. In the dialog box press the "Installation Details" button, then select the "Configuration" tab and press the "View Error Log" button.

This might be an edge case. Can you share an Archi model with me that has this problem when exporting? You can do it privately.

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Tanks Phil for The support.
Now it works as expected.