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Started by Luc Gadeyne, November 10, 2016, 08:41:34 AM

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Luc Gadeyne

Hi Archi users,

My question is about collaborating with Archi.
Archi is not a repository based tool supporting simultaneous access to the same model with a number of people.
Although this might be a requirement when:
- maintaining the application architecture of a complete domain (eg within banking business) with a number of analysts
- incrementally building up the solution architecture in a project in collaboration with functional and technical analysts

How do you deal with this challenge?

Luc Gadeyne
Enterprise Architect


Hi Luc,

Even if this not completely a "collaborative" solution, may I suggest you have a look on my database plugin :

At the moment, the plugin allows to store models in a central repository (database). You will find more information on the wiki

In a near future, it will allow to use elements from one model into another one, and to create relationships between elements from distincts models. In this mode, you may cut of your domain model in sub-models and several people will be able to work on their sub-model at the same time.

Few months ago, I began to implement a collaborative plugin (each time an element was created, updated or deleted, a procedure was updating the central database and of course, all the Archi process were listening for those events). Unfortunately, this had too much performance impact. That's why I decided to stick to an export/import plugin at this stage.

Hope this helps

Best regards

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


In addition to Hervé's plugin, you can also use the Grafico plugin to store and load models in a way that makes them Git friendly, letting you work collaboratively (multiple users working on the same model at the same time able to then merge their changes).

Of course this requires Git knowlege, but this has been used by several people on this forum.

In addition you might be interrested by this post on Archi's blog which describe what could be the next step...


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