Connection Error when Check for Updates in Company Intranet

Started by Xiaoqi, March 22, 2022, 20:57:11 PM

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Searched in Issues list and not found answers, so post a question here.

I'm "sitting" in the company intranet, we use VPN client and keep connecting the intranet and have the proxy conf which now it's not able to set on-prem fix proxy server with port.

Now using 4.9.2 (but same in 4.9.1), when as attached checking updates, got error as:

Connection Error
Error connecting to server: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

We can connect to Azure DevOps via coArchi in the same network environment, is this because of coArchi plug-in can handle the connection over proxy within the plug-in, while Archi tool itself cannot?

If I disable the VPN (back to internet) it's working for "Check for Updates..."

Hope to get some advice on how to solve this.


Phil Beauvoir

Yes, the proxy code is only activated when using coArchi, so the direct connection for checking for updates will fail if behind a proxy.

In a future version of Archi we would like to move the proxy (and authentication) code to main Archi so that all connections can use the proxy.
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Hi Phil,

Thanks for clarification. Yes, the coArchi's using Proxy is running quite smoothly, and I believe it would be great enhancement of experience to main Archi tool when it can be easier connect within proxy. Looking forward to that soon.

Thanks, Xiaoqi