Incorporate Sequence Diagram into Archimate Tool?

Started by dinglo, December 24, 2016, 08:07:36 AM

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I'm new to Archimate Toolset. My main objective is to assess whether archimate can become the primary toolset for my solution architects. One obvious needs for my team is usage of sequence diagrams to describe the viewpoints for specific use cases. Can Archimate Toolset achieves this?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


A sequence diagram is a specific UML viewpoint and is not supported directly by Archi. But you can easily describe this Application Interaction (that's the best equivalent in ArchiMate) by using Triggers and Flow relationships between Application Component. If you want to reproduce a sequence diagram as much as possible, you'll then have to define the dimensions of Application Components to make them thin but tall.



PS: another option (but without any link to the model you are designing) is to use a Canvas and define the HTML code of the hint in such a way that it will call e.g. You'll then be able to see he generated sequences in the Hint window.
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I'm using a local PlantUML server to create sequence diagrams (see and I put the code and the link to the SVG result in the documentation field of a, in my case, Course of Action element. The Archi search function has an option to include the documentation fields in searches so the content of the sequence diagram is still loosely coupled to the model :-)

I've attached screenshots how it looks in Archi, in the PlantUML server and how the SVG result looks...



Noting that this was recently asked in the ArchiMate forum - Possible to use Archi to draw sequence diagram?

I just wanted to also leave this here as to how I have used ArchiMate and sequence diagrams together using PlantUML if anyone else comes via this avenue - ArchiMate + PlantUML = Sequence Diagram Joy


Another way to have a Sequence Diagram on Archi is by copying the ASCII representation from PlantUML to a note's label, and use the Consolas font style (which is monospaced), as you can see in the image I have attached.
It obviously has a lot of downsides, but it can eventually be helpful.

*I have used Italic, it works better with the bold Consolas font