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Started by HansBosma, January 04, 2017, 09:10:52 AM

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hello, in models one ones sometimes to add free form elements to the drawing. It would be very nice to have that in the tool. Sometimes ArchiMate is just too restricted for the diagrams you want to visualize and then some simple free format drawing enhancement is needed.

It would suffice being able to add: a picture, text box, a box, an ellipse / circle.

Thank's for the perfect tool!

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


That's something we'll work on after having released the final Archi 4.0 version.

The idea would be to drive the ability to add some non archimate things (e.g. those that exist in Sketches and Canvas) through the viewpoint mecanism. In addition, I'd like to allow any element (Archimate or non ArchiMate) to use custom shapes (with official ArchiMate notation as default).


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