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Started by gevaertw, January 17, 2017, 20:45:45 PM

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I am investigating GRAFICO, and I found no comprehensive guidelines for it.  Therefore, as a contribution to this great plugin, I am writing my experiences in a series of blog posts. 

You find it here:

Feel free to give your feedback here...

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I'm happy to see a renewed interrest in Grafico. FYI, There are some doc on the wiki associated with Grafico, but unfortunately, images are no more accessible (they were hosted using google drive which now no more offers direct access to files). I should move them somewhere else one day and update the wiki.

That being said, I'd be happy to help you for you blog serie (if any help needed of course), and would certainly be happy to reuse part of your posts to update the wiki ;-)

BTW, if you haven't seen it before, you can read this post on the Archi's blog which describe a vision beyond Archi and Grafico.


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I saw the wiki, but indeed without the pictures so it was not very useful to me.  My main target is to describe real use cases and how I saved them, that is where the blog series will lead to.  I hope that people who have the same need, but just like me in the past, did not have the time to investigate in depth kan use the blogs as a jumpstart.  The main focus will be on Git of course, because it is there where the real usage is found  If you find that useful, feel free to reuse anything you find there on the GRAFICO wiki pages.

All suggestions to improve the quality of the things I put there are of course appreciated :)