Integration with Iteraplan

Started by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie, September 26, 2014, 11:05:31 AM

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I've just read the "Gartner Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Tool Capabilities, 2014" (you can gain access to it through this page) and discovered Iteraplan.

Iteraplan is an Opensource (and commercial) Enterprise Architecture repository with (among other) great reporting features.

I don't think we can easily export/import from Archi, but this could be interresting to find a way to at least use their powerfull report engine.

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We've used iteraplan for several years and recently started evaluating archimate and archi. It seems clear the two tools compliment each other but the exchange of data is entirely manual. I am glad to be a resource if you are interested in more information about iteraplan