missing? 2 features: copy properties and change relationship

Started by rlodbrok, January 27, 2017, 09:50:19 AM

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When using Archi i really find myself missing 2 basic features... but maybe i do not know how to do it in Archi?!

1) copy properties from one item to another.
Delete and rename - yes; but copy does not seem to work. I even tried the format painter to see if it would include properties... but alas, no luck. But, the painter would not be useful anyway, i want to selective copy & paste my properties, not duplicate.

2) change relationship.
You probably know that feeling, you used an aggregate but after some design discussions the specs turn out to be a composite. You already have properties defined and want to avoid adding them to a new relationship before deleting the old one.

Feature request, silly questions from a lazy person or just plain ignorant?

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, these are good questions.

1) Can't be done, sorry. You can copy/paste a concept and properties are copied, but there's no selective copy/paste of just properties

2) This is on the feature request list.
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