How to export Archi(mate) file into RDF or OWL

Started by HansOU, February 10, 2017, 16:32:29 PM

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Hi everyone,

I always like a challange, so I'm writing my master thesis on Enterprise Architecture alignment & Semantic Web technology.
My objective is to use Semantic Web Technology to monitor the alignments/consistency of Archimate models.
Therefore I need to import Archimate models into Protege and create business rules there.

I'm looking for tools to convert Archimate files into a format (eg. RDF or OWL) which I can import in Protege.

Which tools/plugins do exists which convert Archimate file into the proper format?

Many thanks for your reply!!

Thanks and regards

Phil Beauvoir


I don't know if there's anything that does this out of the box. Otherwise you'd have to write your own.

One way would be to work on the raw *.archimate file and transform to RDF/OWL somehow (XSLT?). Another way would be to write an export plugin using am OWL/RDF Java library. I had a go at this once - - it uses the OWL API library - Note this only compiles against an older version of Archi (version 3).

Edit - the first pre-requisite is of course devising an ArchiMate ontology! And would this include diagrams?

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Hi Phil,

thanks for replying. I will give a try and will let you know! ;)