How to install Database plugin in Archi ( MAC OS)

Started by Harshak, April 06, 2017, 10:20:21 AM

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HI Team,
I am trying to add "" in the Archi.
As I have MAC, I am going to Help -> Install -> Archi Plugin - add selecting the "".
However its giving me below error.
Error --->"this is not archi zip in file"

I used archi 3.3 and 4 beta version and for both its giving me same error.

Any thoughts ?



Hi Harshak,

In fact, the installation process doesn't require a zip file but a jar file.

You first need to decide if you want to use the v1 (stable but no new functionalities will be added) or the v2 of the plugin (in alpha release but this is the version I'm currently working on). Then you go in the corresponding folder.

v2 is quite straight forward because it works with Archi 4 only. Regarding v1, you need to choose if you wish the Archi 3 or archi 4 version.

Then you download the JAR file only and copy it into the Archi "plugins" folder.

At last, you need to create the database tables using the sql scripts provided and configure the database in the plugin's preferences.

Hope it helps

Best regards