The new Archi 4 Beta relationships table

Started by brain_work, February 23, 2017, 12:39:31 PM

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Well now I feel silly!

Curse you magic wand!

Back to the drawing board, lots more to learn :)



  Me again!  I'm wading through the output of Archi's Validation tool to fix each of the errors that are highlighted in my model.

  One has occurred that I just wanted to check with you guys.  I have an Application Function which may trigger one of two other functions, so I used a Junction to say it may trigger Application Function A OR Application Function B.

  The spec states that "The relationships that can be used in combination with a junction are all the dynamic relationships, as well as assignment, realization, and association."

  Here is a snippet of the model.

  So the question, should a flow/trigger from Behavioural elements be allowed to interact with Junctions?



Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


That's perfectly valid (and one of the initial use-case in very first version of ArchiMate).


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