Line Width for Elements

Started by islamsayed, March 08, 2017, 12:48:17 PM

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Hi All,

Thanks for the contributions for this nice tool.
I noticed that there is no attribute to set the Line Width for Elements.

Is there a way of defining a Line Width across all elements ? Or is there development under way to add this ?
If not, what would be the high level development information to go about adding this.

The shapes in Visio stencils look much sharper and cleaner than those that come with Archi. One difference is the width of the line and boldness of the element shapes, which would be nice to have with Archi too..

thank you for your reply.. :)

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


It's not possible to define a linewidth for element. That's related to a kind of bug in eclipse framework. We've worked on a workaround which is still not perfect but there are good chances that we succeed this year.


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Thanks for reply ... looking forward to this fix