How to use Archimate to show the data integrations between systems -IT landscape

Started by TT, April 26, 2017, 20:20:41 PM

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Today we have around 400 IT systems and some of them are documented/model in MS Visio, where you can see, what data integrations there are between the systems eg. HR system deliver employee data to Active directory. But we also have systems that are connected together with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Visio is nice, but we really need to connect all these drawings into one model, so you don't have to open multiple visio files, and if your lucky, they actually fit together.

Do anyone of you use Archimate like this and can share a model or describe how you have model it? Im thinking about this kind of highlevel application/data landscape model. Are you just using two applications and connecting them together and having an data object between or...???

The main reason to have this view, is to know exactly how the dependencies are between the systems and what data are being transfer.


Phil Beauvoir


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