List of organizations known to use Archi

Started by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie, March 24, 2016, 15:49:43 PM

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Archi is used at DXC by a community of architects. It is a versatile tool to allow architects to model their concepts using archimate without an expensive tool and financial dependencies. The open source model that you have is great. Many of the DXC architects donate from their personal expense to your project, this is how good it is!
DXC uses however more professional tools like BizzDesign to create enterprise models. However, looking at Archi, it has a lot of potential to become more and more powerful towards the future, only if certain critical functions would be added that we miss in Archi, which are available in other commercial Archimate modelling packages.
That being said, it is great to see such post, and to use your Archi tool to express our thinking with our clients and align.


The VNG, an association that represents all Dutch municipalities, makes intensive use of Archi. In particular (but not only) for modeling the reference architecture for Dutch municipalities ('GEMMA'). The GEMMA is published via the website Views created with Archi are published there, among other things.
Archi repositories used within GEMMA are published at They are used, among others, by municipalities and by software suppliers (who often, but not necessarily, also use Archi). Parts of the Archi models are also used within the software catalog ( in which suppliers describe which software they supply and municipalities which software they use. The catalog makes visible, among other things, which software packages realize which application components and which standards they support.