Archi crashes when saving and selecting new folder on MBP with touch bar

Started by pds, April 16, 2017, 10:04:10 AM

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To replicate:

Open Archi and create a new project. Select save as then click on new folder. JVM crash. Problem may be in Java or Sierra - no idea - and I haven't found a workaround. 

Phil Beauvoir

There seems to be isssues with MBP and touch bar and Eclipse and/or Java.

See also

I don't have a MBP with touch bar, so unfortunately there's no way I can duagnose this any further.
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Okay...To fix this and the JVM crash when "Archi crashes when using note element (picking/moving) on new MacBookPro", do the following to disable the touch bar completely for Archi from the terminal:

defaults write Archi NSFunctionBarAPIEnabled -bool NO

Let's hope Oracle or Apple fix this soon.

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for this, I'll put in known issues. As this is a Mac prefs setting I can't do more than advise users.
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thanks for this - issue has only arisen in last few days (was working fine before that in version 3.x and all versions of 4.x

applying the change via terminal fixed the issue (linked to thread on adding a note item crashes Archi)

not clear why issue only started to happen

MacBookPro late 2013 (so obviously no touch bar) latest Mac OS, all current patches.

Side Note: The touch bar functionality appears to be in Mac OS irrespective of the hardware including the touch bar or not. This is evidenced by a piece of software called Duet that turns an iPad into a second monitor (I have my iPad connected to my MacBookPro). Duet shows the touch bar on the iPad screen plugged into my non-touch bar MacBookPro 2013.