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Business process modeling
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:29:39 AM »
My company is going to select notation, method and tooling for doing business process modeling and the best practice seems to be based on BMPN 2.0, which I find very comprehensive/complex with +120 elements (incl. variants) for business process modeling alone. As we (the majority of the organisation) are at a fairly immature state, I expect we will only be using a very limited subset of the BPMN elements. It would fairly easy to provide the same message/presentation from using standard ArchiMate elements, and then have the benefit from an EA perspective to get a 'cleaner' and more complete picture of the business. Keeping everything in one notation would make analysis far easier, e.g. who (role) uses application X and updates information Y.
Does anyone use ArchiMate for modeling operational business processes (workflows / activities) at a level used for training and/or as part of a management system, where checklists, operating procedures, etc. are attached to the individual activities?