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Started by xbrossard, July 21, 2017, 08:12:01 AM

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I use actually Archi 4.0.2 which is based on Archimate v3, and I'm very surprised to no longer find some views defined with Archimate 2. For example, I don't find anymore this interesting viewpoints:

- Actor cooperation, which focalize on actors and entry point of an application, which may be interesting for software user for example
- Business process, focalized on business layer. Actually, you don't have any viewpoint with only business layer, so how can I explain this to my business expert?
- Application behavior, which focuse on interactions on the application layer (replace by application cooperation?)
- Application structure which focuse on structured application elements (replace by application cooperation?)

I've try to find "standard" viewpoints for Archimate v3.0 (on th OpenGroup website) but I don't find any explanation (and no standard viewpoints for v3.0)

Phil Beauvoir

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this is Example Viewpoints (Informative) "The viewpoints listed here are therefore intended as examples, not as a normative or exhaustive list."
that the reason why I don't find a reference viewpoint elsewhere on the web while I found many examples for Archimate v2.1

Also, I'm very surprised not to find the requierment element in every viewpoint. Use a specific requierement realization viewpoint used by all the users of Archimate model expose every element (business, Application, Technology) to everyone; for me, it's not a good approach

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


It seems that ArchiMate 3.0 generates lots of dicussions about viewpoints ;-)

The key point is viewpoints described into the standard have always been examples and only examples. Unfortunately, many tools implemented them the hard way (without been customizable) thus lots of people think that these are "official" viewpoints but they aren't. Worse, people completely miss the point about what viewpoints are.

I suggest you read my previous answer on this topic.


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