Adjusting colours used for symbols

Started by nicoplat, October 23, 2014, 09:41:21 AM

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I have a question which is of minor importance I guess, but nevertheless.

I want to change the appearance (colours, really) of the symbols in my diagram. Fill, font and line colours can be changed by selecting a symbol in my diagram, the selecting "Appearance" in the properties pane, and adjusting them. This works fine.

But what if I want to change the line colours of the symbol used inside the overall symbol too? E.g. consider the "Actor" symbol. I can change the colour of the line of the rectangular box that represents it. But what if I want the change the colours of the "actor figure" in the top right hand side of that rectangular too? Is that possible?

Thanks for any advice,

Phil Beauvoir


it's not supported in this version. If you like, you can make a request:

This way it leaves it open if someone would like to submit a patch.


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