Archi utility needs testing

Started by abcoates, August 22, 2017, 18:17:24 PM

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Hi.  I've written a couple of Python utility scripts for:

  • converting the information in an Archi XML file into Excel format;
  • converting a suitably structured Excel file into Archi XML format.

It doesn't round-trip per se, but I hope it is useful for:

  • extracting information from an Archi model for use in other tools;
  • creating an Archi model based on information from other tools.

It hasn't had much testing yet, so if you would like to test it, I would be grateful for any feedback.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.  Cheers, Tony.


Without looking at the utility, just asking: is this very different from 'File -> Export -> Model to CSV'?



Oh, good question!  An honest answer is that, because I have more of an XML background, I had been working with XML import/export and so had been thinking of the problem in terms of those files, without checking what other import/functions existed in Archi.  I think I had noticed that CSV import seemed greyed out, but I realise now that's only because you need to create an empty model before you can do a CSV import.

So the only advantage of my approach, I guess, is that it allows you to have the information in a single Excel file rather than 3 separate CSV files.  That may or not not be more convenient for you, depending on your situation.