JEE Deployment Descriptor file conversion into ArchiMate model

Started by Marbi, August 29, 2017, 15:54:15 PM

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Has anyone heard about an Archi plugin or any piece of software that converts a JEE Deployment Descriptor xml file into an ArchiMate model?
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No, never heard of such a thing. Doesn't say much though, been a while since I was doing JEE and deployment descriptors.

I do wonder, are archimate models and JEE deployment descriptors somewhere on comparable levels of abstraction? I would rather expect something like an UML Object diagram. As I recall the deployment descriptor contains relations between concrete (running) instances of concrete classes, correct?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I'm not aware of such plugin, but it should be technically feasible to use an XSLT transformation to convert a JEE Deployment Descriptor xml file into an ArchiMate model using the XML base Open Exchange Format.

I think the most "difficult" part is to map  concepts to keep a (not too much screwed) meaning. I can help for this part if you have some good documentation of concepts used in a JEE Deployment Descriptor file).


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Thanks guys for the answer.
I asked this question because I am looking for a solution that would streamline (or maybe even automated) the update of the technology architecture model.
BTW. Once upon a time I heard about Archi and CMDBBuild integration. Is this project still alive?