Create a Report of elements after creating the model

Started by bujalilj, June 29, 2017, 15:10:37 PM

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Hi all,

I am pretty much new to Archi and need some help; I created a model with tons of elements (applications, business processes, functions, etc.....) and now I need to find a way to extract to a Report (MsExcel would be nice) lists of these elements including some of their properties. Can anyone help me here? is this possible?

Thanks and regards

Jose Bujalil


Hi Bujalil,

You've got two different ways to acheive your goal.

First, you can export your model to csv, using the "export to csv" feature which is a base function.

Alternatively, you may install the form plugin (, create a form that contains an array with one line per element and relationship and one column per property you're interested in. Then you can export this array to an Excel spreadsheet.

Best regards



I would suggest using xml export and xsl transformation. I use it on a daily basis to view html or generate excel files.

suggestion : should we open a git rep. to share xslt?